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Bamburgh Castle

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Tranquility is important for everyone - for our hearts, minds and bodies.

Exposure to nature has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce heart attacks, increase mental performance and soothe anxiety. Studies have found that playing in nature has a positive impact on children's development. And children who visit the countryside are less likely to be obese.

There is convincing evidence of the importance of the natural environment in helping people to recover from stress. A recent review of over 100 studies shows that the primary reasons for visiting natural environments include escape from the stress of urban areas and the experience of tranquillity and solitude.

We all need to 'get away from it all' every now and then and Burnfoot is in the heart of what the Campaign to Protect Rural England have scientifically proven to be the most tranquil county in England - by far.

It has become harder to experience tranquillity over the past few decades - and may get harder still. Even the serenity of Burnfoot is occasionally disturbed by the Ministry of Defence flexing its muscle (although being treated to a free air show for example can hardly be deemed stressful!).

Being able to experience tranquillity helps us all - young and old, city and country dwellers alike. It contributes enormously to our quality of life. By staying at Burnfoot you not only restore and refresh yourself, but you can be assured that your booking has helped us do our bit to protect this tranquility for generations to come.

And we very much appreciate your help.